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Ashley Fires, Anne Hurricane, and Mistress Treasure are just some of the SheFightz bad ass babes featured here. Smothering, foot worship, trampling, spankings, and mixed wrestling domination are just some of their favorite things. See them in our SheFightz Femdom clips4sale store.

Ass worship with ashley Fires


Sexy blonde Ashley Fires has her slave alomost fully trained as her personal foot slave. She orders him to lick and worship her feet exactly how she likes it done. He has to be told just how to please her because he's basically a clutz and has no idea how to worship a girls foot properly. She's actually moaning in pleasure this time because he's fially been trained on how to do this job correctly. Foot slave training is her specialty as there is nothing worse than coming home after a hard day and having your feet worshipped by an imbecile. Her feet get licked and sucked to perfection and has her moaning in satisfaction this time.

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Scissorvixen Liz Lightspeed
Ebony dominatrix footfetish

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Street Fighter Liz Lightspeed demolishes her victim.
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Ebony ballbusting by Mistress Empress.
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Foot worship with SheFightz girls SheFightz scissorvixens

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Boot Worship with Liz Lightning. Sexy thigh high black boots get licked and worshipped.
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Mixed wrestling female domination and boot worship by sexy blonde female wrestler.
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SheFightz scissor vixens
SheFightz free video clips

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Free Video previews from femdom Maxxyne Payne featuring mixed wrestling beatdowns, trampling and CBT in sexy high heels.

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  Ass Worship with the delicious Ass-ets of Domina Max. Click on the pic now to visit GoddessMax and view this ass worship video clip.

Ebony femdom GoddessMax videos

Domina Maxxyne Payne
Domina Maxxyne Payne is currently hunting for victims for her newest video catalogue. If you are in the Los Angeles area and are interested in some heavy corporal, strap-on, ass worship and smothering, ball busting or CBT then please contact GoddessMax for info on how you too can be in one of her video shootz.
Domina Maxxyne Payne is especially interested in guys that love ball busting, CBT and heavy hand spanking. The Governess series is also in production and male and female subs are required for extreme corporal hand spanking and caning clips filmed in a school environment featuring Domina Maxxyne Payne as "The Governess". E-mail if interested.

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Ebony femdom GoddessMax uses her sexy muscular thighs to force a submission from her victim.
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Scissorvixen GoddessMax GoddessMax tight squeezing scissorhold. Headscissors domination by GoddessMax. Front headscissors by ebony femdom.
Rear headscissors squeeze by ebony dominatrix GoddessMax. Headscissors clip preview
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Sexy scissorhold by ebony femdom.

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This sexy blonde LOVES to smother and face-sit her male victims. She giggles gleefully taunting him while she holds her hands over his nose and mouth preventing him from breathing. She's a cute little blonde but looks are deceiving. This girl likes to dish out some pain-squeezing his head between her delicious thighs while she covers his mouth with her hand. "Can't you breathe?" she smirks as he struggles in her grip. Get her femdom clips HERE

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Female wrestler and dominatrix Goldie visited studios recently and smothered and beat to a pulp another victim that deserved a beating from a gorgeous dominatrix. This girl is drop dead gorgeous and just LOVES to beat up men and then smother them unconscious.

If you would like a custom video shot with Goldie please see our Custom Videos page HERE. She is available for smothering, ass worship, headscissors domination, and boxing beatdownz.


NEW "School-Girl Pet"
This time Sinnamon Love has a college professor held prisoner in her "Playroom" where she keeps all of her little School-girl Pets. You liked Sinnamon Love in our School-girl Bully series so we decided to bring her back to torture more college professors in her cute little playroom. Facesitting, assworship and footworship are her favorite ways of dealing with these little creeps.
In other recent updates we shot ebony femdom Sinnamon as an attractive office girl that gets her kicks dominating, facesitting and smothering her male co-workers.
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    School-Girl Pet Preview

                        Sweet Sadistic Jade
SheFightz is the home of gorgeous babes from around the world that love to wrestle, fight, and dominate.

We feature mixed wrestling, beatdowns, smothering, foot-worship, and trampling by some gorgeous babes that just cannot get enough of it. These girls don't take no or "I Give" for an answer. They hunt you down, beat you up, and smother you into submission. Head scissors, chokes, hand smothering, and when they are done force you to worship their gorgeous feet.

                    Delicious Blonde Beauty SunFire




Adult film star and Fetish model Sinnamon Love appears on SheFightz as the school-girl from hell. Groped by an obnoxious college professor she beats him down and headscissors, facesits and smothers him into oblivion. If you love schoolgirl action then you'll love Sinnamon in this shoot. She's sweet but vicious and giggles sadistically while torturing her unfortunate victim. See a video preview below of "School-Girl Bully"





Be sure to visit Sinnamon Love on her own official website HERE

Access to Sinnamon's Personal Info and News
Tons of Sinnamon Love Adult Video Scenes
Hundreds of Sinnamon Love Picture Galleries

Sinnamon will be shooting with SheFightz shortly for even more face sitting and ass worship action. You won't be disappointed.

Sinnamon is available as a model in our custom shoots. Visit SheFightz Custom Videos page for more details on how you too can direct and edit your very own fetish film featuring delicious Sinnamon Love.

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                 Mistress Amrita from Japan

     Under Mistress Amrita for forced Ass Worship
Amrita is an expert in painful submission holds and just LOVES to dish out punishment using a variety of jiu jitsu holds in mixed wrestling matches. An ever-present smile is on her face while she has you trapped in a painful submission hold. A classic Japanese beauty that loves to inflict pain. Her expertise in rope bondage is what sets her aside from the other gorgeous babes. We feature her rope bondage here on our site in our video clips.

Mistress Treasure is known throughout the world for her muscular physique and exceptional thigh development. Imagine being squeezed between those thighs. A life-style ebony dominatrix with a passion for pain. She delights in smothering, foot-worship, beat-downs, muscle-worship and pure domination. This girl kicks ass for the sheer joy of it. Mistress Treasure loves to have her ass and feet worshipped.

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                Ass Worship With Mistress Treasure

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"Afrika" The Queen of Mean.
Ebony Amazon Afrika is a female wrestler from Los Angeles Ca. This Ebony babe wrestles for real and can and will give you a serious ass whuppin. She loves to fight and has many years of submission wrestling skills under her belt. Scissor sessions, real matches no holds barred fights, and fantasy wrestling are her specialty.


This 170 lb Ebony Amazon delights in beating up and punishing her male victims. You can view Afrika's website here:

If you like extreme wrestling sessions with an extremely experienced mixed wrestler then be sure to visit Afrika's site for details on how you too can be beaten down and humiliated by a beautiful Ebony Amazon. This girl ROCKS!!!

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  "Afrika" The Queen of Mean.

                               IceBerg  Princess
IceBerg Princess is an Ebony Diva that just has to have it her way. Get in her face or get this girl mad and she'll open up a can of Whup-Ass on you and beat you down and smother you into submission. She delights in Financial Domination, head-scissors, smothering and foot-worship. She loves to dress up in sexy black lingerie and beat up her boyfriends.
 A gorgeous apple bottom bubble butt just made to be worshipped. Imagine your face tucked up between those cheeks.


                                  IceBerg Princess
Video Preview "Breathless" featuring gorgeous Taylor St.Claire.

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Video Preview School-Girl Bully featuring Sinnamon Love.

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Video Preview The Sales Man featuring Mistress Treasure.

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