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SheFightz Facesitting vixens

Facesitting and assworship with Enchantress Sahrye

Facesitting Preview

Breathless Under My Ass

What's YOUR Fantasy, asks Enchantress Sahrye as she stares down at you. What gets your jollies off?? Personally for me it's face sitting and ass worship. That's what I LOve to do!! I wonder how long he can hold his breath? Enchantress Sahrye in black stockings, and sexy lingerie smothers and face sits Alix under her delicious ass.

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Black Pantyhose Ballbusting with Ebony Femdom GoddessMax

Black Pantyhose Ballbusting

Ballbusting preview clip

Ballbusted in Black Pantyhose

Ebony Femdom GoddessMax shows off her sexy black pantyhose. Rubbing her legs and ass. These Pantyhose were made for worshipping. But I have a much better idea for a sexy girl in black pantyhose. I LOve to do my ballbusting in them. They look so sexy against your bruised balls. The sexy hose on my toes against the white skin of your balls. She rubs his balls with her pantyhose and then gives him the treatment she loves to dish out. Nice hard ballbusting kicks and hard knees to the groin. It's nice isn't it the feel of my pantyhose slapping you in the balls. This white Boi gets humiliated and beat down by an Ebony Goddess with a fetish for ballbusting in sexy black pantyhose. "I just LOve to watch them fall at my feet in a heap after they get ballbusted!!"

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Mixed wrestling scissorhold with Sahrye

SheFightz Smothering Bitches

Preview mixed wrestling scissorhold clip


Black Pantyhose Squeeze

He thinks if he gets a scissorhold session with a gorgeous bondage model she'll go easy on him. He can enjoy a relaxing session captured between her luscious thighs and just lay back and enjoy those delicious thighs wrapped around his head.
FemDom Enchantress Sahrye has other plans for this jerk. He's going to get exactly what he came for. A mixed wrestling scissorhold session. But imprisoned between her sexy thighs he's going to get the head squeeze of his life including a short handsmother.

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Smothering by Enchantress Sahrye Enchantress Sahrye a new SheFightz Scissorvixen SheFightz Bad Ass Smothering Babes Mixed Wrestling submissions Pantyhose Domination by Enchantress Sahrye
Face sitting and assworship with SheFightz bad ass babes

Ebony Femdom Ass Worship and Face sitting clips

Face sitting and assworship video clip preview

Big Ebony Ass Smother

You want ass Bitch your gonna get some ass she remarks. Big Ebony Femdom sits full weight with her giant basketball sized ass cheeks on him and makes his face disappear under her. You'll need search and rescue to find this F*ckr underneath all that ass. This 6' Tall Ebony Goddess loves to make guys suffer. And she LOves to smother a guy out. She grinds her ass into his face making it impossible to breathe. Face sitting and ass worship with a 6' Tall Ebony Goddess.

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Face sitting with Cheyenne Jewel

Cheyenne Jewel smothers and facesits Alix

Preview facesitting clips

School-Girl Fantasies

Alix has Fantasies of being dominated and humiliated by schoolgirls facesitting in white socks. A fav fantasy is to be held down and smothered while she face sits him under her schoolgirl outfit. He gets a session with who else of course femdom Cheyenne Jewel to be his schoolgirl fantasy. She holds him down on a bench in her dungeon and smothers his struggling face under her delicious ass.

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face Sitting with the Ebony Dream Team
Face Sitting with Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax Ebony FemDom Lexxi Brown Face Sitting with Lady Jayden Payne Ebony Dream Team at Fetishcon Ass Worship Ebony FemDom

Face Sitting clips

Preview Face Sitting Clips

Human Sybian Face Sitting

The Ebony Dream Team decide to use Lance as their own personal human Sybian. Nothing like using a guys face as your own personal sex toy. Lexxi Brown, 6'Tall Lady Jayden Payne and GoddessMax team up to ride Lance like a well worn saddle. They smother him with their sexy Ebony Booty, twerking their delicious asses on his face. His nose gets crushed under their weight as they face sit him one at a time while the others hold him down. In sexy booty shorts they ride his face smothering the breath out of him leaving him gasping for air. The Ebony Dream Team goes on a demolition face sitting derby crushing the breath out of a struggling Lance who cannot believe he's being used as a human sybian by these three Ebony Vixens.

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Foot worship and face sitting vixens
Blonde foot fetish girls Foot worship by She Fightz bad ass babes Foot fetish with Mandy Armani Ass worship Domination Foot Worship Brat Girls

Foot Worship Mistress

Mandy's Foot Slave

Mandy's lounging on her futon naked and bored but she's got Alix her little Foot Boi to make things a little exciting. She makes Alix suck and lick her sexy assed feet so this blonde brat girl can get a little satisfaction. Nothing like a foot slave around to attend to her every whim. He may get good enough to share with her girlfriends with a little more training but for now she's keeping him at her feet to use whenever she feels that urge.

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Mixed wrestling scissorhold with Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax
Mixed wrestling Ladies Bikini wrestling femdom Figure 4 headscissors Scissorvixens who love to wrestle Wrestling Ebony Femdoms

Mixed wrestling clips4sale

Preview Mixed Wrestling clips

Figure 4 Scissors HeartBreaker

In her sexy little "HeartBreaker" booty shorts she's looking for a fight. Someones ass to kick. A head to crush between her Hearbreaker thighs. She'll break your heart AFTER she crushes your pathetic skull between her athletic ebony thighs. Featuring from the 2012 MeanGirls club Champion MeanGirl of the year Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax out to retain her crown and remain this years champion as well. This guy gets his head destroyed between her squeeeeeeezing thighs that just never let up the entire clip. His head is crushed between unrelenting pressure between her ebony thighs in a ton of front straight leg and figure 4 headscissors. Lots of squats and thigh training went into this squeezeOrama. Talk about needing your head examined. He'll need an MRI at the Docs office after this head squeezing session that has him begging for mercy. This is a NO TAP scissor session and he gets no chance to tap out. No wimps allowed in a GoddessMax scissoring session. It's lights out for you Bitch!!

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Face sitting blonde shefightz babe

Mandy Armani face sitting blonde

preview face sitting clips with Mandy Armani

Taste my Pussy Bitch

Alix needs his face sitting fix for the week. Wifey isn't into his fetish so a session with sexy maid Mandy Armani is just the thing to satisfy his needs. "Smother you with my facesitting pussy you little bitch. Ohhhh yea put it right there she moans! Your my little Bitch to humiliate and your job is to satisy my pussy." Sexy Mandy Armani rides his face like a worn seat cushion. Pressing her ass and pussy onto his mouth. Facesitting and ass worship with hot sexy smothering blonde pornstar Mandy Armani as the dominant maid.

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Ebony Dominatrix Ballbusting clips

Ballbusting clips

Preview Ballbusting Clips4sale

Bryan Balldacious and Delicious Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax abusing his ball sack. Once she has his balls trapped inside her shoes she wiggles them around and moves her foot back and forth causing him quite some pain with those balls tightly entrapped under the heel of her foot. She slaps his balls with her hands smacking them against the side of her shoes while he howls in agony. "I think I LOve the way these fit on my feet !" she remarks while attemting to walk back and forth with his balls dragging on the floor trapped under the heel of her foot.
Ballbusting and ballcrushing with Bryan Balldacious and Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax.

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Mixed wrestling headscissors by Imani Seduction.

Imani Seduction Video Preview

Imani Seduction

Goddess Imani Seduction shot with SheFightz Studios recently and we had the pleasure of watching her Scissor, Face Sit and Smother Alix to death during the shoots. With long sexy thighs and an absolutely delicious ass this Bad Ass Babe proved to be a true Ebony Amazon.
You can be smothered under her sexy ass in person each and every month in Los Angeles At Club Breath a haven for facesitting and smother fans.

Visit Imani Seduction on the web HERE.

Mixed wrestling blondes
Scissorvixen wrestling at SheFightz Scissorvixens in bikinis Mixed wrestling with JB mixed wrestling domination Face sitting scissorvixens
Mixed wrestling with Ebony Goddess Tierra

Scissor vixen Goddess Tierra

Mixed wrestling headscissors clip

Scissor vixens preview

Figure 4 Scissors Crush

Goddess Tierra and Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax gang up on a self defence trainer and show him they really do NOT need any of his expertise. Goddess Tierra gets him in tight squeezing headscissors and crushes him between her thighs. With her strong athletic thighs this Ebony Goddess has the power to squeeze him completely out. While Goddess Tierra crushes his head with her thighs GoddessMax punches him hard in the stomach. She holds him down while Goddess Tierra puts him in a figure 4 headscissors. Her strong athletic thighs are like a vice on his head that she keeps tightening. She eventually gets his arm caught up into the figure 4 scissorhold to choke him out with. With his arm in there and her thighs squeezing him it's only a matter of time before he gets completely choked out.
Mixed wrestling and headscissors with Goddess Tierra and Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax.

mixed wrestling clip download

Sexy Kristal Summers Foot Worship clips
Foot worship with Kristal Summers SheFightz facesitting blondes SheFightz bad ass face sitting bitches Hand over mouth smother Mixed wrestling blondes

Kristal Summers sexy Toes get worshipped

Foot Worship clips preview

Lick My Sexy Toes

Footworship with SheFightz Bad ass babe Kristal Summers. Sexy Kristal Summers LOves to have her feet worshipped, sucked, and licked like a delicious popsicle. Who wouldn't want to be forced to worship at the feet of this sexy beauty. Her hot soles get licked clean and those delicious toes are sucked like succulent pork ribs at southern barbeque. You can add barbeque sauce if you like but Alix prefers em A la carte and puts all of Kristal Summers delicious toes in his mouth for finger lickin good foot worship pleasure.

Facesitting and mixed wrestling clips

Mixed wrestling beatdowns with Liz Lightspeed
mixed fighting beatdown blonde female cop blond scissorvixen Worship my sexy feet sexy blonde female wrestler

Mixed wrestling cop

Mixed wrestling clips

Preview SheFightz mixed wrestling clips

Female Cop Beatdown

Sexy blonde female cop comes to Alix Johnsons residence to arrest him for $10,000 in unpaid traffic tickets.
She takes off her stormtrooper boots and rubs her sexy feet all over his face. Then traps his neck in a foot choking him between her sexy feet him. Get up loser she demands after she throws him around the room. She gets his neck caught between her thigh and her calf muscle and sits down on his trapped neck once more him. He chokes on his own spit. Who's in charge now Bitch she laughs down at him?? Lots of choking and neck squeezing scissorholds while this female cop beats him into submission.

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Trampling clips by Female wrestling vixens

Trampled by Blonde in Pantyhose

Preview mixed wrestling clips

Trample me Please

Such a jerk. Won't give a blonde any respect. He just will not get out of the way. Go around me he says while blocking her way. Just to be an ass. Fortunately she has on her shoes made for walking all over an obnoxious idiot with an attitude. She's in shiny silver pantyhose, hot black high heels and in the mood to trample his ass. This clip has trampling mixed in with scissorholds and mixed wrestling as she likes to squeeze his head in between stepping all over him with her shoes. Nice shiny silver pantyhose wrapped around his neck making him suffer. Then it's more trampling on stairs. Time to show this jerk who's boss.
Trampling and scissorholds by a blonde in shiny silver leggings.

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Mixed wrestling in pink latex
Mixed wrestling blonde Blonde scissorvixen Mixed wrestling girls
Pink scissorvixen squeeze Blonde female wrestling Blondes wrestling in pantyhose

Pink Scissorvixen

Preview Pink Scissorvixen

Mixed wrestling Queen Liz has on her favorite bright pink shiny jumpsuit. Its a fav color of hers and soon to be matching face color of her scissoring victim. His head is squeezed and scissored relentlessly between tight athletic thighs that just cannot get enough squeeeeeeezing in. Reverse, straight, and figure 4 scissorholds are all used by blonde Brat girl Liz to torment her male victim who just hangs on and flops around while she torments him between her scissoring pink thighs. Who wouldn't want to be relentlessly squeeeezed bewteen those pink shiny thighs anyways?
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SheFightz scissor vixens

Visit SheFightz Clips4sale featuring Bad Ass Babes doing Bad Things to Bad Boys. Femdom, facesitting, and smothering.

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SheFightz scissor vixens