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Figure 4 Scissors HeartBreaker

In her sexy little "HeartBreaker" booty shorts GoddessMax is looking for a fight. Someones ass to kick. A head to crush between her Hearbreaker thighs. She'll break your heart AFTER she crushes your pathetic skull between her athletic ebony thighs. Featuring from the 2012 MeanGirls club Champion MeanGirl of the year GoddessMax out to retain her crown and remain this years champion as well. This guy gets his head destroyed between her squeeeeeeezing thighs that just never let up the entire clip. His head is crushed between unrelenting pressure between her ebony thighs in a ton of front straight leg and figure 4 headscissors. Lots of squats and thigh training went into this squeezeOrama. Talk about needing your head examined. He'll need an MRI at the Docs office after this head squeezing session that has him begging for mercy. This is a NO TAP scissor session and he gets no chance to tap out. No wimps allowed in a Femdom GoddessMax scissoring session. It's lights out for you Bitch!!


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