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AssWorship and Facesitting By SheFightz Bad Ass Babes

Big Ebony Ass Worship

He gets exactly what was coming to this jerk. Big Ebony Ass face sitting and assworship under a dominating Ebony Femdom. Been staring at her cheeks all morning when she finally had enough. You want ass Bitch your gonna get some ass she remarks. She sits full weight with her giant basketball sized ass cheeks on him and makes his face disappear under her. You'll need search and rescue to find this F*ckr underneath all that ass. This 6' Tall Ebony Femdom Goddess loves to make guys suffer. And she LOves to smother a guy out. She grinds her ass into his face making it impossible to breathe. She grabs hold of his hands and smashes her big ass cheeks into his face smothering the breath right out of him. He struggles but she holds him tight and completely takes all his air leaving him gasping for breath. Facesitting with this Ebony Goddess can be hazardous to your health. She needs a warning label attached to those ass cheeks.



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