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Figure 4 Scissors CRUSH

Goddess Tierra and GoddessMax gang up on a self defence trainer and show him they really do NOT need any of his expertise. Goddess Tierra gets him in tight squeezing headscissors and crushes him between her thighs. With her strong athletic thighs Ebony Goddess Tierra has the power to squeeze him completely out. While Goddess Tierra crushes his head with her thighs GoddessMax punches him hard in the stomach. She holds him down while Goddess Tierra puts him in a figure 4 headscissors. Her strong athletic thighs are like a vice on his head that she keeps tightening. She eventually gets his arm caught up into the figure 4 scissorhold to choke him out with. With his arm in there and her thighs squeezing him it's only a matter of time before he gets completely choked out.
Mixed Wrestling domination with Goddess Tierra and GoddessMax.


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